After 15 years we decided it was time to freshen up with a new brand and a new website but give the same great service we have always offered.

Quinns is now the trading name of K.J.Quinn Services Ltd. It was inspired by you, our customers, as you’ve always referred to us as Quinns so we decided it was time to join in!

We felt it was time to modernise the look and feel of the business without changing any of our services, in fact we offer more than ever before as our business and expertise grows. So we worked with a local agency to rebrand, change the logo and design our new website. You’ve probably already seen the new company vans out and about but there are still a handful carrying the old signage which will be changed in the coming weeks.

The company itself hasn’t changed as it’s still the same Limited company you’ve always dealt with. We hope you like our new look and we welcome any feedback.